Monday, May 9, 2016

TIM COOK Said It, I Didn't

When I'm not busy being "alcoholic," "bipolar," and "narcissistic," I do take time to read the blogs of others, and inevitably fall remotely in love with any chick who has a semi or bona fide feminist rant going. Highly intellectual complaints are a real "turn-on" here. Ask my ex if she's still alive. So, let's all watch ample internet porn on players that are kind of herky-jerky due to the federal GOON in an adjacent hotel room, and talk about misogyny as semi-legal weed is smoked. My I drink a cheap lager beer?

May I move to New Zealand?

No TV tonight, dudes. Instead, I'm busy reading at the same time as I write mine. Moving right along to the DARPA flying triangles that have landed near our New Age bookstore, I think the cops can zap any gray or green E.T. that emerges with a Taser Howard Hughes Jr. probably ordered invented in case a cop tried to shoot Johnny Meyer. As for the Meier with a suitcase full of supposedly incriminating documents, at the #5 Forest Home Court dinner table, I recall saying, "Howard Hughes has goons" to the delight of my step-siblings who are hiding where?

Still classified after all of these years? And mine?

Could Obama's entire cabinet resign?


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