Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hughes Said "Court," God Said "Rain"

What color was their bugged VW Bug?
ANN = Orange
BILL = Orange
LYNN = Tan
RALPH = Cream
JOHN = Black
Oh, that Lewis & Clark I.H.O.P.!
McKenna is a fine Canadian name, and what did he say?
"Bill, they can read your license plate from space." (In 1971, MethKings)
Bob Rainbolt, another half Native American guy, speaking of most any waitress, said :
"I'd fuck her."

When a Getty smokes hashish with Hughes driving:
a). The electric windows malfunction
b), The heater malfunctions
c). The steering pulls to the right
d). All cops in the region "disappear"

True or False
Canada has more oil than Saudi Arabia.

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