Friday, May 27, 2016

Gangster Upsell: From Mafia to Illuminati

As what this writer calls “The Worldwide Schizophrenic Process” worsens, we go back to two non-incidents that do relate to the photo, ClozarilKook. Yes, the fire copter hovered at about 100 feet as an elderly booster smoked her Maverick Red. It was LOUD when I shouted, “What is he doing here?” “I don’t know Bill,” she said.

Prior to that, as Jill prepared for another day of park board monkey business, unlike in scandal-ridden Saint Louis, my e-mail had been received with an attachment.

She said: “I got your e-mail. I don’t like the graphics.”

I said: “I don’t like the color scheme.”


I don’t like it when military flyboys turn off all the electronics and purposefully ram into a planeload full of civilians. Didn’t see my plane? On that day, it was as clear a sky as the photo above. His F-4 limped back to the base; my people all died.

Find time to read the report, DroneDick Scott AFB airman? Hughes did.


Rogue Roughnecks?
This looks real bad, soldier!
Don't ruin Memorial Day with an ugly incident.

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