Thursday, May 19, 2016

Invisible Transit

Hughes v. Metro, d.b.a. Metrobus, Metrolink, and Formerly d.b.a. “BiState Transit”

Plaintiff’s complaint originates in 1959 - 1960, when MARGARET “MAGGIE” LEONARD, plaintiff’s maternal grandmother, said, “The bus is late” too often. As for, “Maybe he didn’t see us,” when passed up by a BISTATE TRANSIT bus, it is here alleged to be a very early clue on how, since the close of World War Two, objects and people can be made to disappear through human technological means. This was, and possibly still is, a poorly kept state secret.

This “vanishing” technology, here alleged to be clandestinely patented property of the plaintiff, is apparently such common knowledge in the State of California, two Ventura County deputies at the “Commander” rank discussed it with the plaintiff. “I’ve been working this area for thirteen years and never seen you” said the male Commander, regarding a “Homeless Hughes” visible on the street every day. It was a clue, as were a second cousin’s 1960’s television ads for toilet bowl cleaner “VANISH.” Clues and blatant admissions of the plaintiff’s genetic link to HOWARD HUGHES, JR. and HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY do not pay utility bills on the Internet or on paper, and thus are relevant to the many death threats plaintiff has received and endured on Saint Louis, Missouri public transit with two “missing” automobiles here alleged to have been wrecked and taken by the United States Intelligence Community, either directly or through “shell company,” “cut-out” proxies. Remain calm. Don't pay attention to the voices in your head Pam, and may I just keep writing?

"Officer, I think you need to go to the hospital where my relative is the Mental Ward Manager and get your ass shot-up with medicine that could kill you." 

"It was Beth's meth? Now, we're going to have to frame you for something or other." Francis! Oh Jay! Not now girls, I'm too busy suing everybody.

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