Sunday, May 15, 2016

What does your pic mean? HUGHES gives no rat's ass!

Where is Lohan when she's needed? In rehab again?
Re: A Request

From William Hughes hughesaerospace@aol.comhide details

To gavin
Cc cheryl.southwell

Mr. Mitchell -

Why not call my contact and future CEO LINDA SHERMAN at BAKER HUGHES, my alleged oil company, or ring-up the Houston Police Department? "Buddy," on the latter organization, I've already called them several times, and consider for a moment that they might think, like I do, that Mr. Trump is a loudmouthed chump and a big, dangerous, pain in the ass. Ask Linda who the male voice was on speakerphone who wanted to know how much a Hollywood producer offered for a screenplay of mine. I said: "I'm not discussing that on the phone." What if it was MARTIN CRAIGHEAD, who like Howard, I will always refer to as "Craig."

FACT: I was told by a producer to contact Ms. Thrower. I did copy her in on an e-mail or two. I called her once, simply because she answered the phone. Sir, you will not tell me who to call, not call, or what to do. It is by now a certainty I'm related to Howard Robard, and my liberal butt is not happy with either Clinton or Trump. We legal so far? Further, I am very tired of the "Cumulus Con Job," where I am welcome to listen to KABC in LA on the phone @800-222-5222, but I am never allowed on the air. I'm not related? GLENWOOD CEMETERY does not make appointments in Houston with kooks named Hughes, nor does Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, and I'm certain they've heard from more than a few regarding Howard and Felix Hughes. I've already told Glenwood staff the airplane is off the mausoleum, if the Lummis nutjobs who paid for it out of HH's estate do not run to court and object. After they meet me, they may hear a few of my brutally frank comments and say, "That's the real one." What's holding me back then, besides a favorable DNA result?

At least you allowed a few on-air comments from me about discarded Republican candidates I think are of higher quality than Trump. The context? I was about to be forcibly evicted from an address that had done nothing but sell illegal drugs since about 2002. Homeless in St. Louis? That would render me, as granny said, "Dead as a doornail." Sir, I am not a cop, "fed," or "spy," but many delusional types seem to think this because it is a fact Howard Hughes, Jr. was a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Want the story on how I turned down their recruiter in 1975? I'd have to be welcome in Dallas, and don't feel like that is the case. All are welcome in federal court to file lawsuits, like the one I'm filing against Boeing. This is part of why I sit in a crappy hotel room with a used Chevrolet van nearby I bought, but cannot drive legally yet. All of my personal property was seized by a government-mafia mob, right under Obama's nose, if not with his approval. You want to face that? Pal, this government can do it to you! I do not want podcasts, like conspiracy guru Alex Jones, I simply want to be heard at the Press Club in D.C.

Why don't you go to a another meeting and consider lending me the nominal sum to run Melanie's HD camera? Jerome sets up the Shure SM 57, which has been the president's microphone since LBJ. Jerome said, "I've got plenty of windscreens," for two of them, yet somehow, I've got a boatload of enemies & troubles without ever breaking a damn law in my entire life. Go figure, Gavin.

I'll call you a week from today. As I've said to many, "Let's have an adult discussion." I've got a Political Science degree, just like that jellyfish Paul Ryan! Good thing my FEC PAC administratively closed, or I'd utter the "P-word" again in relation to myself. As I told several people recently in preparing to buy a rich guy's used "Nixon Blue" suit, "I'm not running for any public office, but it will look like it."

William C. Hughes

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