Saturday, May 7, 2016

Two Gay Guys With GEICO

I had SAFECO when my Rentske Truck vanished
Let’s not talk about my first car. I drove it around south st. louis. I returned with a buddy & money ($600). I got stranded in Europe. My bank screwed me. Therefore, I was on the Dutch dole. Daddy sent me money ($600). I said, “Danny, my f^^king credit union won’t make a loan.” I gave him expensive audio equipment. He gave me some money ($600).  My alleged granny died, so my aunt who worked for the phone company sent me a check from the estate ($600). I looked up the TWA stock sale, and a source said? ($600,000,000). That was incorrect. I looked up my BOEING satellite sale. The Soldier Boy’s innernet said they sold for…you guessed it! (600,000,000). That too was incorrect.

So, in my world, when I RECEIVE some m-o-n-e-y, it’s $600. When evil “statists” and “corporatists” team-up to rob me blind, the property supposedly was sold for six hundred million dollars.

Call 1-800-USA RAIL

The book about aviation disasters that were really mass murders is called “Bang.” I’m not writing it in a motel room.


BUY MY BOOK (If I live long enough to write it)

“Let’s see…to fix up #8, we simply shoot the candidate and he’s dead. No sequel. However, the legendary #9 could be set in an EU where England has pulled out, and the guy in the hospital bed is a U.N. guy. A female U.S. president resembling a far skinnier and mood disordered Hillary sends BOB to help the hapless Europeans who are all about to go to war over something or other. We have Paramount lot work for hunky guys who want to be extraterrestrials tending a pulsating forge beneath the earth. The Jewish producer will say, “Hughes, this is too much like an old Star Trek we’ve all seen a million times.” I will say, “You son of a bitch, I’ll buy your goddamn studio right now if you don’t…”

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