Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Facebook Your Fears

I seem to know way too many people named "Brown." The UPS people? Their part-timer asked his "Brown" supervisor how work was going. The reply? "It sucks!"


William C. Hughes
216 Niggle Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63111-3128

Biggie F. Thug
Chief of Police
City of Hanley Hills
Hanley Hills, MO  63133

Dear Chief: 

Regarding the unfortunate Mike Brown incident in Ferguson, I believe hell will freeze over before I am allowed to grab “Mister Microphone” at a public meeting and speak on it to an audience other than those monitoring my latest City of St. Louis “BugHouse.” In a better world, I would have asked Darlene Green out to lunch by now and said, “For God’s sake, why don’t you run for mayor?” I’m sure she’d be allowed to talk. 

Me? It was not that long ago in faraway California when I was told rather demonstrably and repeatedly to “Shut up!” When I was made homeless by military thugs, punched, and dragged out of the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER in a hand me down wheeled office chair, it was employee Jill who cried out, “Quick! Bring your [Ralph’s] shopping cart to the back door! I’ll lock it in the closet.” Jill was recently spotted in that fashionable all-black outfit west coast girls like so much strolling east on the north side of Delmar in Joe Edwards’ University City. What was she doing there? Spying, perhaps? I would not know. 

A subpoena for the personnel records of one Chris Beavins is a distinct possibility, given the White Pages not only does not find her, it finds no one in the entire USA with that last name. Yet Chris was in the elevator often when we were late at 1430 Olive. Chris transferred a case to me. Chris lived on my Clayton street. Chris drove the same color & model car as my ex-wife. Chris was seen in Brentwood eyeballing my Air Force brat girlfriend. Chris was where? Thousand Oaks, California ducking behind the dash of a pickup truck. I saw her. And I’m not sure what that meant. (Besides the fact I am related to Howard Hughes and I’m spied on a lot). Is this why BJC “wacked” a patient? Mere hearsay, I’m sure. 

Which brings me to your department and a classic quote from psychiatrist Rebecca Radmanesh, M.D. When I diplomatically said, “I think the cops are trying to kill my client,” she icily replied, “Well, Mister Hughes, you need to do something about that.” If I get his medical records and find out he’s dead, maybe the U.S.D.O.J. will see a pattern of some kind, given he is, or was, white.

All my worst,   

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