Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“Crazy Bernie” Has a Samoan

I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I have several contraindicated mental illnesses simultaneously. That said, I had a Samoan assigned long ago. This is why “Ray” at the Go-Bell said, to some young punks who had come for guidance, “He’s already been there.” “He’s already been though that. “He already done that.” Yes, he was talking about Hughes, which is why you big rodents are here, and I tire of you encamping to hack the Google log-in code. Keep at it!

Yes, Senator Sanders was given an SS Samoan, because I was allowed to pay foreigners and not watch 999 channels of Nazi crap. (On TV). Donald, you don’t have one, but you are safe with my VHS tape buff who asked, “What do you think of Donald Trump?” My review of the presumed GOP nominee’s exploits was much more positive in 2010 than today. Today? I have some advice for the Republican “prince.”

1.       Have a smoke-filled room meeting.

2.      Sit Don down in the Green Room.

3.      Tell him, “Your convention hall pass is revoked”.

4.      When he becomes outraged, hear the Hughes and say: “These are the Cleveland cops. They will be happy to take your ass to jail.”

Done! And so easy with some (R) “testicular fortitude®” a.k.a. BALLS.



p.s. When I coined the term “Trump Riot,” I was joking. I joke no more Ms. Blum.


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