Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fire! [It's a four letter word, soldier]

Did a bad guy get on the base, or is that for the air show?
"My bill is in the mail" said the Kennedy-hugging relatives. Then they voted for Goldwater.
What the hell was that?
Be confused no more about the Egyptian plane in the drink!
1. Get a bad guy a job at the airline.
2. Put flammable stuff near the airplane's "nerve center."
3. "Fire! Where? Oh shit!"
4. It's very smoky up there. The airplane's controls don't work too well. The avionics start to "crap out." (Not NTSB lingo, but accurate).
5. Three (3) minutes later...Splash  

Lights out? Book on paper? Must be those communists at AMREN.

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