Thursday, May 26, 2016

Demented Defense Build-Up

Ronnie did not like Howard Hughes, and was suffering from Dementia the entire 8 years. SOURCE: United States Army, dude.

I see the Dictator/Dealmaker of North America has been appointed Chief Alpha Male by several geeky white guys in North Dakota. Bernie still breathing? All rock stars and politicians should know people like MARK DAVID CHAPMAN and JOHN HINCKLEY are given “gate passes,” and it is all kept rather secret by the creeps jogging up & down elementary dear WATSON. Trust me, I know these well-scrubbed scumbags personally. Did you see federal building bomber Timmy put to death? You did not. What did a rather famous sniper say to me in Los Angeles? Lookalike? No, the needle apparently did not go in his arm. CLUE: His little buddy, as I like to say, “Dines on your tab.”
Police state! Military Dictatorship!! MafiaNation!!!
No law!
No rights!!
No justice!!!


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