Thursday, July 25, 2013

Air China? Too expensive!---Obama resign yet? Not yet, Joe?

National politicians, don't we all remember fondly the first time that nuclear threat is issued to a foreign power? [I'm not counting the Nation of California--that's a big asterisk we'll make war on later]

How 'bout that HughesScreenPlay#12. Inspired by what? An LAPD RoboCop actually paralleled one of my many new girlfriends hollering, "You can't ride with that skirt on!" Yes she could, and yes I noticed her. Now, Ron Howard or the Great and Powerful Bullock will get my permit for a girl who shall look just like the real one to put a fake Hollywood gunshot in the cop's head. Yes, out of the saddlebag it will come if I ever get any $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ in this world. The cop car crashes into the wall where I've been told to go elsewhere, and the girl is so skilled she puts the gun back in the bag, makes that sharp left onto Alameda, and wheee!, she's gone; so's the corrupt cop. And, Brad Pitt's buddies ate-up all of the caterer's steam table? MonkeyCop on my ass? Of course! "Hughes, your permit time is up, you crew did not clean-up right [after the Central Casting mob storms Union Station] and....."

THE TOOL COMPANY GUYS FINALLY TOLD ME WHAT HOWARD'S FAVORITE PLANE WAS. IT WAS A B-18. I had done a lot of reading, and no writer had ever disclosed what it was. Why did they tell me that? It's not the plane, dummy, it's the crash in Woodstock, NY on 01/14/1942. What happened? May I research this without more hassles in LA? May I try Greyhound for a free [comp] ticket? Where did "Carl the Security Guard" go? What did Amtrak say about a comp ticket? Why does no one in this entire world that I know have around $200 for a Texas Eagle trip back to St. Louis? Beats me. I'm just a Republican candidate for president who invited Ron Paul out to dinner, and I do have the money to pick up the tab without one cent of Hughes capital if I could ever get out of Union Station on a...TRAIN. Okay? Thanks!

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