Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flying Burrito Girls? Let's Get Going! To Where?

What the hell are you all up to? Here's how Hughes does it.
a). Some nut approaches me in the rain when I'm homeless and offers a burrito.
b). He's an attorney at a big corporation? So much the better.
c). I sleep behind bus benches. True, but know that maybe the ISS crew wakes me up to see you walk/drive/ride by. Yep. 
d). Let's make burritos for homeless and some of you are homeless. Bullshit. As Navy Grandma said, "Take me to your leader." IF YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST WHAT I CALL COMMUNIST CHINA-LIKE CRAP IN CALIFORNIA, you'd better "gimmie shelter" before you get nuked by a terror event, or me.

Yes, GOP will love my slogans, like, "California? It's China's Alaska." And? "Speak any English? You'd better, or you're going back where you came from." Yes, suburban Bill is tired of the "melting pot." I need a Kansas City black guy to threaten me with a .38 pistol. I need to be mugged in North St. Louis. I need to see more black folks! Bosnian  Okay. Vietnamese? Alright. Sorry, I've never felt like I'm in USA out here, so let's have FBI find the gal who I'd like to see me cry the first time it snows. Can't see a palm tree or skatebaord, or like the Vietnam vet, perhaps I have an odd form of PTSD. We'll figure it out when YOU are in the ER, not me.  

Do's & Don'ts
DO NOT attempt to communicate non-verbally
(Rubbing shoulder, hair, crotch, kicking legs, etc.)
DO tell me what you think is amiss.
[It is NOT the occult, Satan, E.T.'s or magic--it is supercomputers, and I believe corporate mainframe computers misused with MY SOFTWARE which I've said since June, 2007 will be destroyed. Satellites cold, computers unplugged--that's the real private sector Hughes deal--MAYBE SOONER THAN YOU THINK]

Meantime, can I go to Missouri and nail down that movie deal you are way too excited about? NOT ONE FRAME WOULD BE FILMED IN CALIFORNIA. MORE RELEVANT QUESTIONS:
1. Along with hollering the White House address, why did my uncles, in about 1960 say to me, "Get a good cinematographer."

Get it? I do.

No further questions, Your Dishonor. 

What can you do with a closed Taco Bell? Day care center, GOP. I'll guarantee it. Momma's got to go to work in the overheated Hughes economy. No job? Must be crazy!!

Quick, ca potheads, look it up on your diseased palm pilot!
<nobody views this blog? I'll keep you in suspense>
My very old joke?
"I can win the states with more cows than people."
What's that e-mail address, Dick?  

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