Friday, July 19, 2013

I called the man every foul, nasty name in the dictionary.

And, when I saw this photo, I said, "I hope he's feeling better."
Raised in a barn, Soldier Boy?

From the They All Do It Dept.
Kevin: "And what type of vehicle was the former Vice President driving?"
Bill: "A Buick Century."

Watching me watch VC-25A land?
Unsecured spi-fi.
Would you like to look over my shoulder as I work Mr. SSI?
The guy flying the airplane knows I'm a plane watcher.
The aircraft is landing in Los Angeles.
I am in Los Angeles.
I hate Los Angeles.
The right set of wheels hits first--barely.
As we said in 1965 North Saint Louis..."Wanna make something of it?"
TRANSLATION = Let's fight.

No vacation? Be scared. Very scared.

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