Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NO POLITICS---NO RELIGION---NO TALKING---happy now, nazis?

Dear Senator Feinstein, Governor Brown & Mayor Garcetti:

How bad is it? The first motor vehicle with a CONSUL license plate will have me in it. Don’t believe my stories, or my readily verifiable claim to be related to “Howard the Aviator?” As we mocked each other on the Catholic playground, “It’s a free country.” No, it is not, but since I’ve dumped my never off the ground political career, we’re not talking about that.

I’ll restrict myself to one example on your rampant corruption. Last evening, as I again slept upon your streets homeless, a group of gentlemen were “free” to shout, “I hate niggers!” very loudly, for a very long time. Had I done that, within seconds a black and white car would have been present.

I think it is part of the Senator’s job to assist me with relocation outside the USA. Jerry Brown I’ve given up on after still not telling the “Fake CHP” story, or the “Death Threat on the Governor by CHP” story to anyone official. Eric Garcetti is new, and my joke to myself last evening was, “Posting on his city website, and I’ll see neither hide nor hair.” (The expression “hide nor hair” came from my State Department uncles).

Don’t tell me we’ll see every species of cop in Starbucks and I run out of calories for lack of an accurate Dash bus schedule. I discussed the essence of my troubles with a young black man who called himself “Country” yesterday. Feed the babies, pay the rent, buy the groceries, and…OUT INTO THE STREET YOU GO. Carry a gun and sell dope? You’ve got it going on. Me? I’m going to Israel. That’s my best guess. How? With a little help from my friends I don’t have yet (On the record).

In the meantime, the city, county, state, or an old associate could put me on a train to anywhere with toothpaste & toothbrush, and I’d be happy. The Transit Cop just said, “Let’s go get arrested.” By a Deputy? Sorry if I don’t understand; I’m from Missouri.

Good day (I hope),

William C. Hughes

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