Friday, July 19, 2013

Post #73: I left office that year

Ours is nicer than yours.

ca "Number Kooks," it was 1973 when I again could not find my VP, who was always kept in an "undisclosed location." All true stories, as I often said, "Where's Mark?" I asked, not for great idealistic reasons, it was because I was so pissed at my Chysler Newport (RFK campain vehicle--look up the pic) I was inquiring about the latest not in great shape car that was sitting in front of his parental home. I'd drive it, then say stiff like, "I'm sure someone wants a Morris Minor, not me." Later, my Father-in-Law drove what? LAS VEGAS ODDS OFR THAT---NOW! (8:49 p.m. e.d.t.).

Biggest non-criminal set-up in history, if I survive. Not legal to watch Air Force One video and say, "That high!" when I did the tire inspection. Oh, you did too? Not likely. What is "disinformation." My high school not there. My high school is not there. Eric is there. Eric is not there. The Ann Arbor cops are real. The Ann Arbor cops are in the next room at 80 E. Hillcrest. Oh, that HSA phone, Governor Brown!

Bill: "That phone cut me off mid-sentence."
Fran: "Yeah, it did that to me, too."

LA CELL TOWER BLUES? Let's sing it!
1120: "KMOX"
Bill: "Carol?"
1120: "Yes."
Bill: "Hey, I gott tell you that...hello? Hello?

After many pleasant conversations, I don't think she hung-up, kids.
Her joke line: "I gotta go do an interview" [NEVER WITH ME]
They really, really, don't get St. Louis, do they?

Kurt Cobain and then video of these. Man, they don't like it, but how do you know what is on the screen?

Homeless advocates, since I "live" in Starbucks, why can't they screen a homeless guy/gal and allow them to sleep in the Rest Room? Like a guard doggie. Oh, no rest room @Union Station LA! Good thing the tall black guy manager likes me. Talk to people? I'm a pest. Don't, and I'm "scary." What's scary is I might "take over the world," NOT YOU. Right Hilton? Right!

I FOUND A PHOTO OF THE CHURCH WHERE MET HOWARD IN 1987. This is a problem? The problem is, no one wants to tell me when a darn grocery store is. And, if Amtrak helps, I'll get to the Probate Court in Clayton, MO. Thanks!

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