Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post #85: Not to embarrass anybody, but...S4WY0089 is not "secret code"

THIS IS THE U-2 AIRPLANE. IT'S IN SEVERAL OF MY COPYRIGHTED SCREENPLAYS. I HAD A CHUM NAMED GARY POWERS. Get the joke, or google the name, kids. The airplane looks a lot like the one grandpa crashed, but I'm sure he did not mind the aviation plagiarism, he was so wealthy.

That's U2 the band. Don't get high and get confused, please.

You see, kids, my idea of a political campaign would be very different and very costly. Oh, you have a gun to your ribs and are "donating" your time. I did not hear about that. Not a word.

As security guards have been heard to remark at LA's Union Station with me dressed rather shabbily, "Here comes the show." Ringo Starr said, just "Act naturally." And, who wants some DNA samples today? Please, let's "prove it" and get this show on the road, shall we? Ready GOP? "This ain't Mitt Romney!"

*Cheney's PAC number is...I have MARK VINCENT'S phone number. We'll talk later, when I'm allowed to have a phone back in the USA. California? Not in the U.S. Disagree? Let's argue like rational, highly political human beings. No more flowers in clumps of sod offered on Persian Music Festival Day and/or apples whizzing near my head, please. {I should have beat their asses to a pulp if not for Deputy J. forcing me to stand in the hot sun. Federal charges? Not yet, Holder? Maybe your boss should throw in the towel.


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