Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not So Secret Service Kids 'To Do' List

In Missourah, we told people to "Proceed to a place of safety" at AAA. I allege in California when a single female is arrested if she does not stop for "the cops" right away, that's precisely what she is doing.

JOHNSON'S partner ran into a wall on his cop bike. Not impaired by drugs or alcohol? I think so, and I happen to be an EXPERT on that. Are you, .mil buzz cut?

JOHNSON wanted to know where later confiscated screenplay pages were stored? He ordered me to sit out in the hot sun during Persian Music Festival day {10,000 wealthy Iranians, folks. They gave me a few bucks, anyway}. And called me what? "Sensible." You were not there, stalker-twit. We're going to Ralph's? I'll believe it when I'm on the bus, honey.

BOWIE? Impaired.

HUTTON? Tried to kill me. (More than once, I here allege).

YU? Mr. Reasonable, then caught on heroin. Not good.

WADE? Nice enough to not shoot me in the back. You are being  arrested, sugar.

AYUB? Same name as a World Trade Center architect? Not a real cop? John, Victoria, & Bruce saw you, too.

SMITH? Retired or goin' to FedPen? (I might have mercy on your cop ass if you retire and move out of USA, like Ed T. said he was planning to do).

POYNTER? "Any unusual spelling of your name?" Deputy? Wearing a little black mafia glove after my Lohan encounter? Not legal. FedPen time! A bottle of water during our 14 cop car day? Who was the hitman I nicknamed "Orlando?" Are you all nuts? On drugs? I'm not. 2016 president contenders, get ready to pee in a bottle, at least weekly, because your BP medicine could impair your decision-making when the Chinese try to nuke us. No such worries with Hughes. [Smart .mil fellows already know the 'secret code' phrase that means we're under attack. It is related to recreation. "Excuse me, I've received word that a bridge has fallen down in Twobucks, Arizona. I'm afraid I''ve got to cut my remarks short today." Run! Run! Run! Even my non-functional phone has a stopwatch.    

CARLSON? Locked-up yet? RADIO OFF? Twitching toward his gun? Long interview it was, with me "zoned-in" on the GUN. Then, the "JV & Julie Show" rolled-up. I said, "Wait until the cop leaves! Wait until he leaves!" [Because I worked with normal ones for more than 20 years, and Missouri DMH/NAMI had better start talking about it].   

LOVE? Big faggot? Not illegal, just obnoxious.

**There's so much more, United States Secret Service. Now, here's how it's going to be, Obama. When Hughes v. United States Secret Service is litigated, I'll look for people to "weed-in" for me to run for office, and it can be handled that way. Why? One familiar face on the grassy knoll, and when did I note that? 2007.  So much more since, and I am not putting one more word on a damn blog. The "Uzi Wave" was five (5) (V) years to the day, and the same guy?

Shall we clear-out Starbucks now, Deputy, or may I depart on an Amtrak train? Any more uninvited guests in your White House? And they got a TV show out of it, while I get TORTURED and STARVED TO DEATH in downtown LA? How many megatons, sir? I'll decide in 2018. G-O-N-E. Rotten "secret society" in my view, but what saved them? Like a movie, one woman I'll trust. I'm lying on the ground like your average wino...and? We'll skip the personal part and go to the "hard left" turn into Union Station, communicating, "Oh so right you were, Hughes, to not enter the building" on Friday, July 26th, 2013. I know people who specialize in "Murder by cop?" Sure do, Your Honor I'm not seeing any time soon, except if you want to come on out and sleep homeless on a Los Angeles sidewalk. Pardon me, as I file another report with an fbi that does not give a hoot about me. Why would they, as their primary task is to CATCH CRIMINALS, or so I thought.   
Lawyers, I look forward to our discussions of the "mens," the "rey," and the Union Station Men's Room in Los Angeles. Can I get a court order on Monday to evict all of the homeless people? After all, I turned Republican on 'ya. [Maybe only until Caroline K. tried to kill me--then we can talk it over]. Presently, my men could start mild political action by burning Sheriff buses like in France when they don't get a cost of living increase on their bloated public sector wages. No? 

William Hughes <>
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Lynch still there? Get him on the horn MONDAY MORNING, GARDNER. (07/29/13). My Cornell grad gifted "jacked" phone that only calls out will be on. Somebody of official stature had better call. And, why do these CA nuts constantly speak of "ice" around me? ICE has nothing to do with it. "Real-time referential delusions" is my new clinical name for it, and I know what's wrong to where it is a pandemic now.  

Time to go to the Probate Court where they all miss me in  MO!!!!!

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