Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes, You Need More

Can't anybody "Call a spade a spade?" Oh no! Why didn't the guy just come out and say, "My dad was the Secret Service agent in Chicago who screwed Jessie Jackson Sr. badly." Yipes! That slogan? "I am Mister Hughes, and people tell me things." Then, the neo-Nazis in liberal sheep outfits screwed Jessie Jr. for a little expense account padding? Palin still running loose? She does not like my hometown, where the FBI tends to interview her. Me? The mail bounces back "Out of the office."

Beautiful KINGsport, TN, where long ago I tried to visualize not world peace, but ace Captain Hanni trying to put that 9/11 jetliner on a too-short runway. As I wrote in my still suppressed book, that boy just can't fly worth a damn. And now what, Bill? So glad you asked about the usual "Fascist Photography" at the Boston Marathon Bombing. The cameraman backs out on his/her long lens just after the bombs went off to keep YELLOW BALOONS in the upper left corner of the viewfinder? Ever-vigilant, those cheap-assed terrorists. 

Light the nuke I know you've got. I dare you.
Grandpa Howard and his damn chicken sandwiches. Would it kill you to read a non-mafia account of his rather heroic life?

Vapor off icbm's? May I turn-off my satellites?

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