Sunday, July 21, 2013

Desperate 'Bipolar' Follies? Hughes 2016 Campaign Underway @9:33 p.m. e.d.t.

Changing truck tires is hard. President job? Easy. For me, anyway. I can see why they would not know who Alan Keyes is. But, you are black, and don't know who Herman Cain is? Whew!
"That's the dumbest f--king question I've ever heard. One more like that, and I'll clear the room. You. Blue dress. What? What the f--k did I just say? Out! Get them out of here! Where the f--k did you go to school, lady? What the f--k is wrong with you? Me? Oh, I forgot my lithium and Depakote and all that shit. Beat it! Let's go to Starbucks!!"
2015 = "Jill, get their cell phone numbers."

I tried the GooglePhone on my gifted pod.
No workee.
I tried Skype.
No workee.
Skype with my hotmail account.
No workee.

Ladies nearby? I asked to use a phone.


Who was the gal who said, "Thank God!" when I tried to install the PodPhoneApps? ("They" are sick of LA too, kids. The skinny black kid with the "thumbs up?" Security reports they love the show. As for boss you-know-who's daughter, I could not read what was on the back of her jacket in sparkly silver, because the LSSS has my 20/20 glasses).

I drink too much coffee.
It started at I.H.O.P. washing dishes after I was up making movies and recording rock bands all night.
They went out of business awhile back, didn't they?

FYI: Our Barista reported the <cough, cough> cost of living is about the same between LA & DC. Most informative.

2017 = "Goddamn clear air turbulance! That jock out there saw the whole thing. Yeeeeha! I got it! I got it! Don't get excited. Buzzcut! Where are 'ya? Get your ass up here! Y'all spill your drinks? Sorry about that. Yes, Houston. I am an idiot."

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