Saturday, July 13, 2013

One-Clue Bye, Bye

And tell all us robo-spies for free, Bill! Want more? Feds or Kennedy have to pay. CAROLINE ADVISORY: Lie low, girl.

"I used to have a friend named Vince. I don't hear from him any more."
- Charles Edward Hughes (My dad/Howard Hughes' son)

YES, THERE IS A "PROBLEM," YOU STUPID SHITHEADS. Many more FACTS await real .gov's if you'd ever get off your mafia "Kill Bill" high horses. Mid-priced hotel? "Oh, we cannot do that. Swarms of spies will drive him nuts like his momma Margaret, and..." ZZZZZap!
"Get the fuck out of my office, or I'll shoot your ass right now!" = "President Hughes had several productive meetings with the Director of National Intelligence today, and..."

How busy was I at Metropolitan Psychiatric Center (MPC)?
I walked right past Clinton wearing his bomber jacket with the seal on it and did not notice? Why not? He was in the loony bin lunch line. The rest of the staff kept laughing, and I repeatedly asked, "What are you laughing at?" NO, I AM NOT A "TURKEY" OR A "VIRGIN." Nuts! Spy kooks, everywhere! Cops on dope! NIGHTMARE!!! Who did you NOT murder in my family? Can you close this coffee place and let me work? Alone, girls. You are all out of luck. Big-time!! (Particularly the two "other" superpower snatches). 15 min meeting on Friday, Admiral. "Who's getting nuked?" (Over all of my dead relatives and dead Kennedys). California? As my press gal may well say, "All options are on the table." OUT OF THE UNION!! OUT OF THEIR MINDS!! <Don't worry, I will not ask to use your precious "DrugDealPhancyPhone."

Wanna get us nuked? You motherfucking spoiled .mil/.gov/IllumiNazis are doing a fine LA job toward ending the fucking world--not me.

Carry on. I don't mind dying, fool.

Scared to take a pic of your own Gulfstream? How far I've come. And the "Chase to Saberliner story?" Not tonight. Who's jet is that? Charlie Hughes said what? "A buddy of mine hauled Howard Hughes' old Gulfstream out of storage." I said, laconically, "That's nice, dad." Nobody was fooling anybody, scummy ca spies. {And that family with the name that begins with "B?" Need arrests, coppers. Your name is? Where 'ya from, partner? The old gray spies in NH said what? "It's like a Western." Bill likes it brief, then I do the talking, DrugBoy [not about your business. Don't know squat, or care]. Pam dead yet? 

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