Saturday, July 13, 2013

What does it take?

My staff awaits in Concord, right Bill?

google, I am not mentally ill. I'm getting elected and busting your asses up into little anti-trust pieces. May I "left justify" later? How much is a gram of cocaine in Slicon Valley, you lazy, corrupt pieces of shit? Just like Starbucks!! W-A-R. Can you spell-check it for me? 

I WILL SURELY CALL THE COPS IN TO OUR FUCKED-UP BEYOND ALL HUMAN BELIEF STARBUCKS AT LA UNION STATION, IF NEEDED.Why? I love the "gangster" talk while sleeping on LA streets, Governor Moron Brown. Oh, his name is JerryCan? I heard, with my own legally competent ears, a CHP Officer threaten his life and...Hughes is the problem. Seems to me I heard a credible, worrisome threat against the life of President Obama, and...Hughes is the problem. Well, blow his fucking head off and blame me, why don't you, Secret Service? Bunch of rotten Ivy League punks, they are.

May I write two books on the Secret Service? One is funny, and underway. The other will blow their bureaucratic heads off, for real. Write it in England, like a wussy? Oh, no! How about the White Mountains in NH, after I kick Hillary's fat ass in the primary? I can see the attack ads with her big butt on the screen and a deep-piped announcer says, "A wide load of manure is coming to new Hampshire."

After I win by a lot, per usual, there will be some screaming and hollering about what to do next. You will not be in the room. Have a nice weekend, and by the way, Caesar Chavez Avenue is not the freeway, CHP. Putting notes in your little cop computer about the sex offender [me] sleeping on the sidewalk? Too bad, as a female LA County dispatch voice already cleared-up that Blum-Feinstein legal non-matter. Who is getting a lethal injection? Don't ask me; I am only a Royal Bum who knows our Princess Di--who did not die.

Big con job! Big KookooBirds! Motel 6 will leave the light on for 'ya? Big 9/11 spy meeting place, right Pam? Leave the aircraft door open? Fuck you! We did that shit in '08. President Hughes will bomb your little airport to dust. [Not a movie, trust fund ding-dong]. By the way, who left strategically placed junk on the runway to bring down a Concorde? You did!!!!!

Nice job, terrorists! And, the "Neo-Nazi-cam" is always there for this sort of pic. Did someone take a photo of me staring at the USA Today newspaper on paper machine the day after? Why so long, spy-shits? Reading my mind, Scummy.u.s.Navy? For those spy agencies that can't, I thought "How the fuck could that happen?' Sorry I know now, Joe "Fuckface" Biden.

All aboard! 

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