Monday, June 10, 2013

Put on Your (D) Camos and Be Nice, Bill(s)

When Clinton visited "The Troops" neocons wrote stories about his whining.

In my continuing effort to get out of holding "that job," my new idea is:
1. An old "protest ship," with super-wealthy & seasick Admiral Willie at the helm.
2. Models, actresses, female rock stars, etc. [Given my advancing age, think Hugh Hefner].
3 That website? 
4. It's a Lysistrada thing--for the troops, not me, son.

I am fullly aware I must finish the MPC story, or liberal hackers will get in my computer and I won't even know Joe Biden's schedule--like anyone cares. The apology is to President Clinton--who I have long thought/said was the best president we've had since Eisenhower. And by the way, Jerry Brown, my dad--Howard's son--wrote a note in the front of my Ike bio, and I 'd better get it back--SOON. Why? I'm your amateur diplomat keeping China from saying the word they don't like at Goebel? I get what besides headaches out of this? Stressed? Only to the point of telling select individuals to, "Go to hell." Sorry Bill, the neo-Willow, AK is getting to be a "bit" too much. Same as the bricks & mortar prison, where you don't give the inmates much money, or they will buy/bribe their way out.

Speaking of cash limitations, back to the 1999 story.

I've apologized to #42. The rest will be related on television.
Perhaps someone in your thoroughly corrupted society will care about me at that point.
Why? Because I'll have all the money, and you won't--soon.

Good night,

6:35 p.m. p.d.t.
fbi? where's EVA?

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