Thursday, June 27, 2013

Missing Authors? Pat Hyland & Michelle Obama

08.20.1977 - I was where? Getting that, "You're still alive?" look.

Now, let's bore everyone with stories. Why did the following events happen as I started to write this on Internet Explorer?
--The Google warning came on--no upload.
--The post would not save, either.
--The security certificate was questioned--again & again.
--The library session timed-out.


1. I think I still have the library receipt bar code for Michelle Obama's "missing" autobiography.
2. I think many are engaged in criminal activity around here.
3. Consequently, I've been referred to your non-existent "social services" AGAIN, with three jobs waiting in Missouri--along with a few trillion bucks. No, EUROS!! Bye! See 'ya!!! Why not dig in the knife again and ask if I need a disability check? 
4. Good news? The library boss & Deputy Director know I'm sane, and have known this since May, 2009. [I wanted a map of Newbury Park back then, not genealogy info.] Why "Call the cops," when I'll beat you to it?
5. Incidentally, I might be the C.O.G. POTUS--so kindly don't kill me until the "real government" perishes. Thanks! [Wanna get scared? George W. Bush taught us they can activate it without being deceased]. And what's going on in Africa? Wouldn't you like to know, spy-creature-creep!

Yet another Ed--blame this post on him.

6. NASA & JPL on a parking lot, plus foreign dignitaries? Why? Ed's been following Voyager(s) a long time. He's old now, as am I. BBC News informed me Ed's spacecraft are about to leave the solar system. This is a big deal. Want a bigger one?
7. I've had Chinese persons living in two previous residences before me, and some were murdered over this. Over what? I DON'T THINK NASA'S SPACECRAFT ARE THE FIRST TO DEPART OUR SOLAR SYSTEM/GALAXY. MINE WAS--WITH ME IN IT. Now, call the Funny Farm. No, that's why too many nutty people are following me around, in addition to the political angle.
8. Yes, before I'm left to die in the California sun homeless, let it be noted the "test drive" was not mental illness, nor was seeing my spacecraft in the California desert--Kettleman City, to be exact. UFO? No, that's when it is "unidentified." Get the bad joke? I saw the inside--NOT A DREAM, then the outside--MAN THAT THING GOES FAST!!! 
9. Space travel haters/flat Earth types, you can kill me now, because as with the Howard as grandpa FACT, it took a long time to think over the FACTS and wonder, where is my spacecraft hidden?
10. Soon, I hope, the 19th Century courts will love it! "Your Honor, I want my property."

Q: How does it handle, Hughes?
A: It tugged a bit to the left in spiral galaxies, however, I was able to compensate by...

...RETURNING TO ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, WHERE THE MERCURY & GEMINI PROGRAMS WERE RUN OUT OF "MR. BILL'S NEIGHBORHOOD." I'm allowed to opine that the U.S. space program went down the toilet when it moved west, starting with three crispy Apollo astronauts, right NASA Chris? Right! When I get access to a TELEPHONE--again denied today--we'll talk it over. Kooks, apparently I was already "out there," so please, find something better to do than think I'm going to talk to you about it. JPL knows--that's why we discussed the Mars program, not my Star Trek stuff. Deny it? You can't!

NOTE IN GREEN: The above post reminds me of my late business partner, who would speak of his safe, and if he died do this and that. Defense work? Not for me! "Northrup Man" dead yet? I'm calling those cases--including both of my parents--MEDICAL MURDERS. Stay out of California hospitals, if you can.
I'll get right on all those crimes against Hughes, sir. After you're back from Africa? 2016? No rush, right?

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