Friday, June 7, 2013

If every day is like this, I'll stay drunk in Dublin. [Nothing you could do about it, sir]

Where is the "Other Jason?" Jefferson City, Missouri. California, I've been in that building over his shoulder many times. It started when my dad said in 1961, "Bill, will you go to the Bill Room?" Who got sworn-in as POTUS that January? My dad was a "secret liberal?" You could have fooled me, and he did. The "Kennedy Barge" on the lake? My question was, of course, "How are we paying for this?" No one answered my 16 year-old question. And, who was that by the pinball machine? Can't say yet. Need a camera or two out here, son. Stan got $20 from Ted? Why not me? Probable K-rationale: "He's already got money."

Not exactly the same as at soon to be closed GSAC, but here's the not "off his meds" clues.

BUSH: Lots of white shirt showing on that left arm.
REAGAN: Looks even more in the other pic like he's about to football block, a la Gipper.
CARTER: He stole Charlie's tie, then I did. It's where, Gov. Brown?
FORD: Looking to his right, and how about that "Split his first vote with NC" smile?
NIXON: "I'm ready to be shot by Mao, but he died first."

I'm "psychic?" 

"That's a nice long wall 'ya got there. And, I need a bigger check on that bullet train."

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