Monday, June 3, 2013

More Serious Material


"Kowalski, don't drop that wrench, or we'll all be killed."
That's a movie; this is not, sonny boy. 

My #10 genre is called a "Black Comedy," and in case both Hughes (this writer) and the big guy I called my "Hollywood Helper" die--of natural causes--here's the tribute.

I already knew Hollywood sucked. Why?

As with your infernal S-P-Y-I-N-G, all I needed to know was conveyed by my family before grade school (1960). Problem? I did not know what it meant, or why I was informed of it.

EXAMPLES, Doubting Thomas?
--The wire & winch on Peter Pan? I heard about it, and my murdered mom knew Mary Martin.
--Charlie (my dad, Howard's son) was backstage at the NYC premier of West Side Story. I said, "Dad, how did you pull that off?" He just smiled and told a long story.
--White Place was filmed where? I said, "Dad, that Tim Robbins is kinda..." Never asked to visit the set, or "set-up?"
--The correct formula for fake blood? About 1959. "Oh, we did not know that!" Now you do.
--The clear wire on the "shot" guy or a low-budget MO-MO Monster? Heard all about it.
--The bug flew in your mouth at Summerstock? And you kept singing? On with the show! (1962).
--The light fell on your head during rehearsal? What did the below the line types tell me in 2010? "We'll pick you up." Yep, you'd better be nice to them! However, that said, Christ Jesus! You sure take your time, and you are mostly lesbians, which is why I used to go out drinking with y'all. [The Williamstown, MA stories? Not here for free!!]
--The importance of a good Cinematographer (1964) when you don't know what the hell you are doing as D`D`D`D`D`D`d~d~my Sony CD is stuck. Got an expensive Hughes .mil hammer?
--Carpenters? Get out of their way, as time is money. And one of them said to call Mr. Big in 2008 Burbank? "I'm a moron before my Higher Power" for the 12-step problem I DO NOT HAVE. Ouch! Into the MafiaTimeMachine!!
--Painters? Let's not go there, but inquiring minds, it's the only construction trade I can do. No drywall. No pipefitting. Too skinny for Laborer. Can't hammer a nail in straight, as both the FBC and fbi will tell you (if authorized). [Hair in drill press story? Not for free!!] Electrician? My rock & roll stage near death shocks? Not here! Not free!
--Gaffer? Excuse me! I once asked what they do, and I got a look like "Why don't you know?" The look was a CLUE about my identity from a deceased friend. Half of my business partners dead too young? Me president? Of the U.S.A.? Better run! Better move to Greenland! Paraguay? 

How often have I said it in California? "You've got a problem, and it's not me." We'll close with this.

GoBell Q&A:
"Why did that show get cancelled? It was really good."
"Well, the producer's wife was screwing some guy, and it got around, and, aw, I don't remember what the deal was, but they just told ABC, "Fuck it!"

"What was it like to play that role?"
"The suit was hot, I could barely move, and for underwater scenes, it leaked."


The wining & dining story?

Will I tell it on a set?

Don't care.

Did I mention C00431841? And?

 Roger? Pete? Let's hear it! The band is still called 'The Who'

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