Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post #20 Re: #605, #30, & #2755 Starbucks

Hughes has no friends in Hollyscummytown? On the left = Far crazier than I could ever be. On the right, I said, on the EverTappedPhone, "I should take that script to Mister Goodman's restaurant." [In Saint Louis, Missouri] Why didn't I? I am a moron. As for their co-star smoking cigs and directing traffic out front of 605 E. Janss Road Starbucks, I said, "They got TV people out here too."

"We don't like Catholics. Let's wet it, tear it, break it, steal it, have the Sheriff take it and not give it back. Let's get in the WGA and LOC databases and..." Movie Mafia did not want a few billion net profit on this one? I guess I'll just have to get elected by the other 49 that don't like you much and declare war on you.

YOU ARE ALL DEAD. It's called a WAR. Totally legal! [In 2017, with enough Electoral College Votes & Congressional approval]. The Kennedy's are a large Jewish family from Eastern Europe, right? They all died peacefully in their sleep. No? Joe's plane exploded mid-air? My family lied and said it crashed. Jack deserved what he got, that damn communist. My new assassin is called Butcher-Butcher, and Edward died of what? Very rare, that brain cancer! Any foreclosures in the nazi communities they built for me to toss your asses out? Summerlin, NV and Summerlin, CA? I spent some time in the latter. As Grandmother Leonard said, "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition."

Two words? Get out!!! Want more? Now! Am I coming with court orders or militia? What's wrong with Barack Hussein Obama? He's mentally ill. 
Barack is not nuts? If sane, the Apple computer in Studio City would have hit my lawyer's building with an American Airlines plane by now. Instead, they all use their full names at AA (Not Alcoholics Anonymous! American Airlines). I got the joke. The plywood Busch stadium? I hear no nail guns. Not yet.The SW Air First Officer with a gun on the rugby team? Fellahs, this ain't John Lennon. Intel briefing, McCain? I will never "convert," whatever that means, Senator. Taking your medication? 

Kids, the neon Busch eagle would fly around after a home run. And one time, Charlie--that's my dad & Howard's son--almost caught a pop foul. Well, since my brain--tortured by soon to be dead Californians--still works properly (w)ORTH & OURtun-o, I can see that spinning perfectly white ball going off dad's hands. And since he was a regular guy, he talked for a whole inning like, "How did I miss that ball?" And, since he was a former Browns Third Base Coach for a night and a secret big-shot, the guy who ultimately caught the ball offered it to him. He declined, because he failed to catch it. And your Mayflower-travlin', greedy, robber-baron family member would have...?

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