Friday, June 21, 2013

Arrest Pamela Blum Today


mafia! mafia!

This is not Howard Sr.
This is not Howard Jr.
This is not Charlie
This is one homicidal Bill Hughes

Let's ask a LEGAL question: "What does it take to make Bill Hughes ready to kill?"

The answer is: Eleven years of U.S. Government-sponsored psy-op TORTURE, going on five years of state-sponsored illegal detention....more? Read my upcoming federal lawsuits. They are not "secret." However, Hughes v. Finkel (2008) might be. Unseal it , now!!! Or, I'm coming for Barack in a goddamn tank. 

Homeless? Even "MonkeyCop" in Ventura County does not argue with my legal address:

30 Centre Street, Apt. 1
Concord, NH  03301

I MAKE THE RULES for myself and ALL of my substantial capital, because I have no spouse and no dependents. There is no engagement. I am a heterosexual with no girlfriend. I am legally competent. I am not mentally ill. Therefore, the WILL posted on:
 and is valid.
Why? NO LAWYER IN THE USA HAS EVER AGREED TO REPRESENT ME. (With funds to pay, or pro bono). What is that? A collective William V hint. 60+ lawyers have said, "Sorry Hughes, can't help you." since 2002? Nuts! Not me. 
Was PETRA WRIGHT sending me gmail? I think not. I think the United States Department of Justice knows she wasn't. I further allege C.I.A. is up to very stinky business in the USA, where they do not belong. Mr. Snow~done does not appease me. Arresting "Gary" and "Jeff" DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. Why not? GEOFF is the one who needs the federal handcuffs. Monday? Has the President resigned yet? Has a BLUM been arrested yet?

William Webster, fine St. Louisian and former fbi director. 

New Webster Groves, Missouri Rule:
Stalking me in two or more locations?
How about I, "Call the cops?"
Innovative! Creative!
Why have I not?
The joke is:
"Who's guarding the President?"

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