Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arrest the President

Where is my fucking bullhorn, Biden?
Bobby's ghost will bring the vodka.



Start with this? "Dude, like grandpa, I don't want to pay taxes."

Or this?

I say the latter. Where is Eva, FBI? Where is she, Secret "murder" Service? Caught red-handed!!! Her mafia-looking daddy may be ready to nuke your ass from...oh heavens! Not my Typhoon/Eurofighter! Don't worry Gotham City, I think LA needs to be "gone" as well. Did I mention I'm from Saint Louis? They're fielding such skilled spies & provocateurs out here, the word today is I'm goin' down for stealing razor blades. No, that fucker Jason Yea gave them to me []. Y'all in from Kirksville? St. Joseph? Hannibal? No? Live in T.O.? You better start praying to Baby Jesus. I do.

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