Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kill Bill, Re-elect the President

"Didn't we vote for him twice? Huh? My hearing aid is broke. ObamaCare paid for it, but they won't fix it. No. I don't have money for batteries. Huh? I'm voting for him again. He did? I told you, I can't afford any damn batteries. What?"

Enough humor. Obama is a terrorist. He's not mentally well. GOT A LIFT TO WASHINGTON, D.C.? FUCK WITH ME, AND I'LL KILL YOU TODAY. CAN'T COMPLAIN TO THE CORRUPT MonkeyCop when you are dead.

JAMES LEONARD -- THE WHAT OF WHERE? (T.O scrubbies, too much talk of the 'King James Bible' among the 23rd street gang. In Saint Louis! The nations's capital city when I'm 'done' with you totalitarian TERRORISTS. Joe Biden still alive? Your FL pals/buddies/assoCIAtes are fixin' to shoot you in the back, like they always do. Me? I'm homeless, helpless, forgot to kill E. Fuller Torrey [mental health pro joke, son], and need a disability check. Social Security can't cover those checks? Really? I thought Tip O'Neill (D)-MA fixed it for good. The money went for Boston mass transit? Our Social Security money went to the "big dig" in Beantown? I promise never to call the JFK Library again.

ROBERT C. BLAND -- murdered.
DORIS HEARING -- murdered.
CHARLES E. HUGHES -- murdered
MICHAEL HUGHES -- murdered.
WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES - always in a disclosed location. Can't see me? Why not, deputy?

I do not recognize the United States Government. Bunch of terrorists!
Anybody want oil?
Porno [entertainment] industry?
U.K. Crown?

How's Diana not dead SPENCER doing?
Gray Lincoln Continental?
Honey, you are going to prison!

It's my neighborhood grocery story, where I once asked, "Did you keep a record of what movies I rented?" I thought they were going to call the [St. Louis County] cops. Ready, Interpol? "Movies! What is a movie? We rent movies? Oh, we do? No! No way! We don't keep track of that! What, are 'ya nuts?"

Clue? Yes. When, RoboSpySoldier? 1999. 2000? Got a hole in the Pentagon? Patch it, soldier!

Two colored girls, one director's chair on sale. As Charlie Hughes said, "Shop; don't buy." Therefore, when middle-class macho man Bill decided he could afford it, two of Craig Schnucks minimum wage slaves made fun of my chair. 

Clue? Yes. When? 1999. 2000? Got "Jew Flu" at the World Trade Center. It might be sitting in the Saudi desert, people. How could that be? TODAY'S HUGHES QUOTE NOT IN THE MEDIA: "If my people aren't 300 years ahead of the competition, I need to have a chat with some engineers."

MICHAEL TOWERS - today, D.O.J.? "Bunch of goddamn terrorists!"
RONALD REAGAN - His rude, crude, "typewriter code?" Not today, D.O.J.??

WI-FI STILL ON? It is? Amazing!

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