Monday, June 17, 2013

Jack, I'm tired of your "drug shit."

Jack knows how to sue me if he feels so motivated

Jack, there are two very terrifying things in this life, neither of which scared me too much. 1). You've been detained, and the "Great They" won't say why; 2). You are surrounded by SPIES, and do not know what the hell they want, because you have no intelligence agency "tradecraft." (The Hughes genes will not be discussed here, but the DNA does not hurt in deciphering Ding-Dongs and their "messages").

My words are going to get like Dow Chemical Company napalm if I do not arrange for some transportation. The local cop car is now in readiness? If not a publicity stunt, as I said of my grandfather Howard Jr., not "nuts," but "kinda weird." For example, in the supposed USA, I fought a battle over use of a pay phone. City workers stated repeatedly, "It's a public park," yet I was chased from the PHONE. The NSA Greatest Hits quote from about 2002? "If I had a phone that called anywhere reliably, I'd take over the world."

Now "we" are tub-thumping in the black for a President Hughes? Lawyers, I'll call it "telecommunications deprivation" in my own goddamn pro se filing. First, since I'm basically wasting time, my sentiments on the cell phone. First, my 1993 joke. "Drug dealers seem to love them. It's a cell phone, alright." Others heard this, and they were social service professionals. 

Jack, just last night, I bragged on riding in a Secret Service car--not in the "Hinckley position," but rather, "riding shotgun." This caused two ongoing problems:

1. The "Other A-rab" is the dangerous one in that case, so just ignore me--and new info on him--until a U.S. city blows--up, then blame me to supposedly take my trillions away. Won't work, Jack.

2. Pardon me, United States Department of Justice, for solving a big crime. Details here? No, I saw this movie. Pressure me until you get all the puzzle pieces for free? I'll be happy to "fight fire with fire" against you "official terrorists" and make big BOOM_BOOM in west~lake. Not illegal, Jack, and given your posh D.C. office location + law degree, I'm sure you already know that.

Given the stench of dead drug dealers in T.O.--Westlake Village, I DEMAND THE ARREST AND PROSECUTION OF YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, AND AS MUCH AS I DETEST BARACK OBAMA, HE'S..... 
And, I think both he and Michelle are literate, if you get my drift. Yes Jack, my drifts of "snow" are always very cold, and not sent in exchange for weapons. Sad days for USA, given they were not even very good guns, according to that Kerry Committee cover-up from long ago. Jack, John needs a swift boat to hell, and don't ring my crappy cell phone for Secretary of State or VP when it gets really bad. 


p.s. Don't ever allege I drove past that airport on purpose. Per usual, a report I read, plus the groaning & squirming in my "missing" 1992 Nissan 240SX should equal victory.

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