Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hughes? He can do it all!

Memphis, 1994: "I could pop for some lawn seats, but there's too many spies out here. I wonder why. Sounds fine out here for free. Can't see the motherfuckers's free. What the hell are they looking at?"

St. Louis: 2004: "I'm not having a delusion here, but it seems that song refers to something that was said in [JOHN KERRY NO-NO] and the business card said [WALTER BRENNAN NO-NO]. Jesus Christ! Right next to the answering machine that gave up the [MICHELLE'S PIMP NO-NO]

St. Louis, 2006: "If not for that concert cancellation, somebody could have been killed. What are they all fighting over? Drugs, perhaps?"

Burbank, 2008: "The business card is from that bar. Man, this is bad. Really bad."

Westlake Village,  2013: "Mighty quiet out here. Hmmm. I could possibly be in deep shit. Aw, fuck 'em! It will all turn out okay--I hope."

They already picked out a health club?
My weights are in the car, as I recall.
Scary (not really).


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