Friday, June 7, 2013

mafia man, may i blow your head off?

Hey mafia! Killed caroline yet? Not yet? Barack dead yet? Papa mafia, may I look at the "P-cam" to watch him get greased? I'd rather be watching F-22 video, because little Billy would never get in a Typhoon and go to war. NUKED, mafia. Too late to be "mafia~nice." WAY TOO LATE, GIRLS.

My daddy called it "Running the traps." Since 1955, they've been planning this, and you thought what? YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, Mr. Bad Guy.

Where's my Fuji camera, Jason?

Where's the Fuji Blimp video, Chris?

The GOODYEAR BLIMP made like a big erected penis over the 405, and you thought what?

I thought "The Captain must know I'm down here."

Where is my car, Edmund "Jerry" Brown?

May I waste more time? I like the way it sits vertical. Up in the air, dude.
At America's Best Value, I called it "The good plane," then they hid them, right Bob Gates?

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