Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slow Simi/See Me? Suicide - Am i Disturbing Stuckbucks? [Conrad Hilton Could Not Spell Either]

I saw a robot camera in the way--a Don Kirshner pet peeve of mine--and said to myself, "Something's not Kosher here." Back for the never on the BMI paper lyric of:
"I been thinking about what I've been missing, Bill." I'm gay? No, you may be headed to "FedPen" because "The Detective" here rocks. 2013? Try 1989--a very "interesting" year. For the whole world, not just Mr. Hughes.

"We have no sound stages in Los Angeles."
"Lights? no, sir"
"Sound board? No, we are bored with spy shit." (not). 
"Personal trainer? Your money is no good here."
"Spandex? On a man your age? We're calling 'The cops'." 
"Lip-synch?" What is he saying? He's speaking in tongues!"
"Quick, get a Bible! A crucifix! Catholic? Get a rifle!"
"I'm not taking any damn yoga class! Show me how to kick people in the head."

How about a Shure SM-57? Two of them? Oh, no!!


1961 – John Kennedy, Waldorf Astoria, Chicago. IL, 6 feet.

1968 – Hubert Humphrey, Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Louis, MO, 25 feet.

1969 – Richard Nixon, Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO, 15 feet.

1976 – Eugene McCarthy, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO, Handshake.

1977 – Jimmy Carter, U.S. Consulate, Amsterdam, Netherlands, On phone.

1982 – Bill Proxmeier, Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI, 2 feet.

1985 – George McGovern, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Handshake.

1985 – Pete Uberroff, Doubleday Field, Cooperstown, NY, Handshake.

1999 – Bill Clinton, Metropolitan Psychiatric Center, St. Louis, MO, 20 feet.

1999 – Bill Clinton, Lambert International Airport, St. Louis, MO, 50 feet.

2004 – John Kerry/John Edwards, Union Station, St. Louis, MO, 20 feet.

2005 – George W. Bush, I-64, Richmond Heights, MO, 30 yards.

2006 – George W. Bush, Panera Lot, University City, MO, 10 feet.

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