Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roger, April 12, 2038 my Royal ass!!!

Roger, your Navy/TN resume stinks, as does the FISA,* and I want mine returned from CINDY POWERS at the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER in Thousand Oaks, California, or "we" have a very big problem, sir. WHERE DID HANI PUT THAT PLANE DOWN, MORON? Sorry I know. Declassified In January of 2038? Are you insane? How about your nutty "Review Board?" Supreme Court? Now, Negro POTUS. Or, my growing political "we" could just "classify" it as a big fascist joke, and purchase T-Mobile, like the hot Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) girl told me to choose that provider. Virgin Mobile was also recommended by Otis the town drunk. He knows what he's talking about, as does Craig Virgin. I did not get JPL Girl's cell phone number, so perhaps I am insane. Scientist girls. So hot!! 

Highlights from the NSA Boxed Set   Anybody got George Noory's e-mail address?
P: "Somebody threw a hand grenade at Bush in Poland."
B: "That's terrible. You can't do that!"
P: "The guy should have had a better arm."
B: "What?! Why wasn't he hurt?"
P: "It was a dud."

*Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
BAD JOKE DEPT.: "Los Angeles to Saint Louis over AT&T or VERIZON ain't "foreign," Nazi Boys."

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