Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nutcase, you can't use your own money!

Right Peter?

However, Mr. Jennings could raise  some money, if he were so motivated.

FUTURE SS TALK from "Clark Bar":

"We advise against it, because there is a long and robust history of trying to kill your ass in this community. We have interviewed thousands who wanted to 'kill bill', and it is simply impossible to police or provide adequate security for such an entourage as you are insisting upon. In addition, Ms. Kennedy's bizarre behavior is a concern to our Navy psychiatrist consultant, who thinks some sort of latent personality disorder is emerging due the stress of the campaign. As for you, Hughes, those capsules of 300 milligram li...
"Can you believe they're are both still alive?! Here's your next President and Vice President, William H..."[KMOX AM EBS tone]

STARBUCKS, YOU ARE GONE because I will close-out your little shitwagon of a spyin' corporation. Bye!
[What just happened at the 2755 Agoura Road location is for congressional committees, not you, little spy-fuck]. They don't do this shit in England or France, dirtball. Bye!

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