Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post #30: China Air 642

Let's see...the airplane landed hard. Hughes (me) alleges a BOMB went off. The airplane flipped-over. There was a humongous fireball--not Hollywood. As they wrote in the Globe-Democrat and Post-Dispatch long ago, the aircraft was "Engulfed in flames." And, there was no sign of the Hong Kong fireman, who was taken by surprise. After the fire was extinguished, the liars who wrote a piece of fiction said only three (3) died. Hughes says everybody died, and it is a fact the people making a video of the plane crash said, "He's gonna be president!" They must be talking about "Beavis" Willis, not me.

Don't believe me?

Q: Why did Starbucks fill up with persons of Chinese descent after Hughes watched a video of the airplane's rapid descent, bombing, crash, and then downloaded the dis~informative report?
A: He's right again!

Caroline, you may sound the PBS EBS tone.
I'll be listening to St. Louis Neocons on "Toothless Al's" internet. (97.1 FM) 

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