Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deathbed Patriots

Jimbo at FBI? More treachery, I say. Furthermore, the NASA guy gestured like that and...where's my f^^king screenplay #9's ending, Sheriff?

My appointment letter? It's where?
Q: Who hired Hughes into .gov work?
A: John Ashcroft.
Earthquake yet?
Not yet.

Let's see, I found this baby out in the desert and...what does this thing do again? Whoah! That's not the right pedal! Jill, don't barf. I promise to change the paint scheme when we...what's that at two o-clock? Who's that? Hey, I'm allowed to be here!

 "You can't be a real
country unless you have
a beer and an airline.
It helps if you have some
kind of a football team, or
some nuclear weapons,
but at the very least
you need a beer."

--Frank Zappa

"The thing about quotes
on the internet is that
you cannot confirm their

--Abraham Lincoln

"The best evidence of my sanity is how
long it took to be certain who I am"

--William Hughes

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