Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reporting for duty, Mister Prime Minister (Not THAT one, you fool!)

Many times I have wondered, "Who stole my mail from 'The Israeli Army Girl'?" Many times I have wondered, "Did she stay in the military?" D.C./AIPAC, "we" have the answer, I think.  

Boys, despite the robust "BrainJacking," I know I downloaded a bunch of these naughty pics from Israel, and only ONE is left? Even poor me "gets it," soldiers. Five (5) of them? Time to go! Where? Tel Aviv has telephones; I'm sure they do.

1977 Highlights
Him: "Are you trained to, you know, like kill people?"
Her: "Yeah."
Him: "Want some more wine?"
Her: "Sure."

The near fist fight with her male boss? Not here. NOT FOR FREE!!

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