Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not me, brother!

May I "sleep with the enemy?" How about an ally?

MonkeyCop here yet? "You cannot work in the library, because we are all paid-off by Democrats to look the other way on the enormously popular drugs trade and attendant murders. We don't care about your missing friends."

"Thanks for your honesty, deputy. Now where am I supposed to go? How about the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER, where they will give me a new purple jacket, and then, MI-5 girls, MI-6 gayboys, KGB killers, CIA dog turds, fbi pukes, NSA Huskies, DEA Burnt Bodies, DIA Lost Airmen, TSA Gropers, and a diminutive FCC secretary can all wonder why Ron Brown's plane went down before and after Bingo, as Rachel, who brings out upper SS management when she gets a ToGo's sandwich, can be stared at as Bill awaits that rock star's daughter."

She smiled. She said "Hello."
Man, it's hard to run for president around here.
Is Paul going to South Carolina because Sarah said okay?
I hasten to point out Ross Perot boasted of doing fine on 6 hours of sleep, and was never accused of being a mental case. 

He was?

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