Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ubiquitous Blue-Eyed Air Force General For President

Stop him! Stop him! He's in that database again!
Secret? Don't think so.

"Sure I have health care policy. Everything is free on the air base. We can't do that everywhere? Why not?"

"The campaign paid $49,000.00 of the $67,230.50 bill. I was then told by Holly Johnson and other staff members, because the campaign was ending and all of Wesley Clarks resources would be used for Presidential Candidate John Kerry, the balance of $18,230.50 would be a in kind campaign contribution or I should discount the aircraft bill with a letter to and for the campaign. Sir I am a small start up Minority Company located here in Georgia, I am also a minority vendor with the Department of Transportation. I work hard I just cannot afford to give a campaign that type of contribution. I feel that Wesley Clarks assistant Holly Johnson and her staff now the Kerry for president 2004 staff are forcing me to contribute or make discount for my services and aircraft, to an interest I do not believe in.

Is this legal? How can they be stopped?"

- Thay Humes/Thay Humes Aviation (03/22/2004)

"You don't want to spend the rest of your life in court."
Hughes v. Southwest Airlines

Maybe I do, and it helps a lot when I might be the Attorney General's boss.

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